End of 2nd Manuscript in sight

After a lot of procrastination, low energy, and general extreme mania at work this year, the end of the second manuscript is in sight. I’ve done a lot of rewriting based on the changes I made in Visions and I hope this will make Awakenings a denser and richer read. Part of the issue was making Awakenings feel like a stand-alone book, and that is something I’ll have to go over when editing as well.

Anyways, if anyone is reading this, the second installment of Knights of Salucia is in progress, hoping there is a release date on the horizon soon.

2 thoughts on “End of 2nd Manuscript in sight

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  1. Oh goody. Just finished it. This is the first steampunk book I have tuned into and now I want to know what hapoens next!


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