Free Downloads and Cover Change


I’m writing this just halfway through Amazon’s promotion of free downloads for the Kindle version of Visions – Knights of Salucia – Book 1, and I’m completely blown away by the response.

Hundreds of people have downloaded the book (228 as of this moment). Hopefully, that turns into hundreds of readers. It would be very cool if it did.

Update for the second book is that I have about seven chapters finalised for the final draft, and a rough draft of the rest of the book to draw from. This should translate into a pretty quick turn around for the second book in the series, but, as always, there are lots of other things life throws at you and right now I am still writing on the side instead of deriving my main income from writing. So, I have a tentative deadline in my head, but don’t want to write it here as unfortunately that suddenly creates expectations.

We can’t have those now, can we? Haha. 🙂

BUT you can have a teaser chapter for book 2: A Different Type of Training – Adel in the Free Content section

The other thing I wanted to share is that I’ve changed to cover of the book.

This was mostly for aesthetic reasons in an attempt to make the cover look a bit more modern in style, and while my book does span quite a few genres, it is doing quite well in Science Fiction – Steampunk and unfortunately looked a bit like the odd one out.

I also don’t think the picture size on Amazon allowed people to appreciate how beautiful Tomas Honz’s artwork was either. So I’ll try to use Tomas’s image in more appropriate places like on this website where you can see the piece in its full grandeur as it was most likely meant to be seen. (And even here on the website you can’t quite see all of it in the header so I would suggest checking out Tomas’s site to see his work in full. Gorgeous.)

The new artwork with the steampunk feel is by Melanie Moor, an artist from Australia. Her image allows the cover to have a slightly more modern feel, and fit better with other competing books in the categories I’m doing well in. (I hope anyways! I’m learning on the job here!)

Thank you again for the support and encouragement. It means a lot to me. I’ll try to get the second book out there quickly for people.


C.D. Espeseth



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